Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Bijelo Dugme Video - Djurdjevdan

Bijelo Dugme Videos

Bijelo Dugme Videos:

1. Bijelo Dugme Video - Djurdjevdan
2. Bijelo Dugme Video - Za Esmu
3. Bijelo Dugme Video - Ruzica Si Bila
4. Bijelo Dugme Video - Lipe Cvatu
5. Bijelo Dugme Video - Dozivjeti Stotu
6. Bijelo Dugme Video - Napile Se Ulice
7. Bijelo Dugme Video - Hajdemo U Planine
8. Bijelo Dugme Video - Ne Placi
9. Bijelo Dugme Video - Jer Kad Ostaris
10. Bijelo Dugme Video - Sta Bi Dao Da Si Na Mom Mjestu
11. Bijelo Dugme Video - Ipak Pozelim Neko Pismo
12. Bijelo Dugme Video -

Bijelo dugme (trans. "White Button") were a highly influential and successful rock band from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tthey are considered to have been the most popular band ever to exist in the former Yugoslavia and one of the most important acts of the Yugoslav Pop and Rock scene between 1974 - 1989
Bijelo Dugme

Jelena Karleusa Video - Ide Maca

Jelena Karleusa Videos

Jelena Karleusa Videos:

1. Jelena Karleusa Video -
Ide Maca
2. Jelena Karleusa Video -
Slatka Mala

Jelena Karleuša is a Serbian pop/folk singer. Jelena was born in Belgrade in 1978. She began her singing career in the mid-1990s and gained popularity with her debut album, Ogledalce (1995), selling more than 100,000 copies worldwide. She has since had number of hits, most of which were written by Marina Tucaković. As of 2006, Jelena has released eight studio albums, which charted in Serbia, Montenegro and neighbouring countries such as Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria.