Saturday, 21 July 2007

Azra Videos

Azra Videos:

1. Azra Video -
Usne Vrele Visnje
2. Azra Video -
3. Azra Video -
4. Azra Video -
5. Azra Video -
Odlazak U Noc

Azra was a rock band from Zagreb, Croatia that was popular across former Yugoslavia in the 1980s. Azra was formed in 1977 by its frontman Branimir "Johnny" Štulić. He was (and is) a kind of an urban legend; he would show up in different places of the city, singing with his guitar - that is what made him famous before Azra even recorded an album. Other two members were Mišo Hrnjak (bass) and Boris Leiner (drums). They named the Band after a verse "Ja se zovem El Muhamed/Iz plemena starih Azra" (trans. "My name is El Muhamed/From tribe of old Azra") from a sevdalinka "Kraj tanahna šadrvana", which is a translation of Heinrich Heine's song Der Asra. They are considered to be one of the most influential bands from the former Yugoslav New Wave era and the Yugoslav Rock scene in general.

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