Saturday, 16 June 2007

Selma Bajrami Videos

Selma Bajrami Videos:

1. Selma Bajrami Video - Kakvo Tijelo Selma Ima
2. Selma Bajrami Video - Zena Sirena
3. Selma Bajrami Video - Nano
4. Selma Bajrami Video - Tebe Sam Voljela
5. Selma Bajrami Video - Lijepe Zene
6. Selma Bajrami Video - Kad Iza Sebe Pogledam

Selma Bajrami (born in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina) is a popular pop/folk singer. She hit even bigger fame with the release of her 2005 album Kakvo Tijelo Selma Ima (English: "What a Body Selma Has").
Her father Fadil is Albanian from Kosovo. Her grandfather moved to Bosnia and Hercegovina in 1965 from the town of ─Éakovica in south western Kosovo, while her mother Enesa is original Bosnian from the town of Tuzla.

Selma Bajrami foto

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