Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Goran Bregovic Videos

Goran Bregovic Videos:

1. Goran Bregovic Video -
2. Goran Bregovic Video -
3. Goran Bregovic Video -
4. Goran Bregovic Video-
5. Goran Bregovic Video-
Spij Kochanie, Spij
6. Goran Bregovic Video- Lullaby

Goran Bregović (Serbian Cyrillic: Горан Бреговић) (born March 22, 1950) is a Bosnian musician and one of the most recognizable modern composers of the Balkans.
Composer and guitarist Goran Bregović has been a household name in the Balkans for over three decades. Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (then Yugoslavia), Bregović has composed for such varied artists as Iggy Pop and Cesaria Evora. He earned his fame wielding a guitar with his rock band Bijelo Dugme, a group that rose to stardom and set the groundwork for the Yugoslav rock scene. Known internationally for his scores for Emir Kusturica’s films (Time of the Gypsies, Arizona Dream, Underground), Bregović commands an ensemble that matches his larger-than-life persona. A rowdy brass band, bagpipes, a string ensemble, a tuxedo-clad all-male choir from Belgrade, and traditional Bulgarian and Roma singers make up his dynamic 40-piece band and orchestra. Bregović’s compositions, extending Balkan musical inspirations to innovative extremes, draw upon European classicism and Balkan rhythms, evoking rock’s searing power as well as the repose of sacred sounds–all fueled by the insistent drive of brass.

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Zovem se Hajrija.Dopada mi se poezija poznatog,popularnog i slavnog pjesnika Stojan Simica Krpice(Visnjislav Visnjev Vobanolec Mikadeak),evo jedne njegove pjesme.

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Iz knjige "Igra ljudi kralja srca X"

Stojan Simic Krpica
(Visnjislav Visnjev Vobanolec Mikadeak