Sunday, 29 July 2007

Parni Valjak Videos

Parni Valjak Videos:

1. Parni Valjak Video -
Sve Jos Mirise Na Nju
2. Parni Valjak Video -
Moja Je Pjesma Lagana
3. Parni Valjak Video -
4. Parni Valjak Video -
Uhvati Ritam
5. Parni Valjak Video -

Parni Valjak ("Steamroller" in Croatian) is an eminent Croatian rock band from Zagreb. It was one of the most important acts of the former SFR Yugoslav Pop Rock scene. Parni Valjak was founded in 1975. Unlike many rock bands that would come later, their style was becoming more mainstream, becoming closer to pop, especially compared with the bands like Prljavo Kazalište or Azra.
As years went by, their refusal to change style proved to be the important factor in the band's longevity. In December 2005, Parni valjak made a farewell tour of Croatia and Slovenia on their 30th birthday. Their last public performance was an unforgettable concert on New Year's eve in Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb, though they stated that more concerts may be held in future.

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