Saturday, 16 June 2007

Halid Beslic Videos

Halid Beslic Videos:

1. Halid Beslic Video -
Malo Je Malo Dana
2. Halid Beslic Video -
I Zanesen Tom Ljepotu
3. Halid Beslic Video -
Prvi Poljubac

Halid Bešlić (born 20 November 1953, Sokolac, Yugoslavia, now Bosnia-Herzegovina), is a popular folk singer in Bosnia and Herzegovina and equally popular in the other former Yugoslav republics.
As the story goes, his singing career jump-started while he was constructing roof-tops in or around Sarajevo, and was singing while working as an agent passed by and overheard his singing. The agent was so amazed that he quickly took Bešlić under his wing and helped him to fame.

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